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Two new nights - Liverpool and Birkenhead

Hi, just wanted to alert anyone who doesn't already know that there's currently two goth nights running in the North West:

Macabre at the Cabin Club, Liverpool, every third Friday - next one is 18th November.

"Upstairs DJ Sascha Gabriel-Armand brings the very best of industrial, goth, 80s and alternative to your floors (along with a silly amount of other gems you'd be hard pressed to beat...!). In the first hour, expect a harder edge to her music, as can be seen in her recent playlists from previous events and upon the group page.

Downstairs, and DJ Astrocreep bring 60s-90s rock and metal to the fore, with a harder edge of old school thrash, death and teutonic metal for the first hour.

Growing every month, with more and more regulars coming each time, we are proud to bring this two floor night to you at a mere £3 entry, with bottles from £1.50, and shots from £1. Upstairs opens at 9, downstairs at 9.15, and both floors play through to 3am with your non stop favourites."

More info at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Die-Booth/159600975597#!/groups/135028559842088/

Catacombs at Revolver, Birkenhead every first Friday of the month. Next one is 2nd December.

Same deal, we went to the launch night last Friday (I say launch night, this is a long-running goth night that is just returning again to the North West) and it was absolutely brilliant but still sadly under-attended. If people don't actually make the effort to come out then these nights won't be re-booked so please please make the effort to come out, support the awesome DJs who put these nights on for us, and have a really great time into the bargain!

We paid £3 into the venue at 9.45pm last Friday and that gave us access to the whole building with rock rooms upstairs and Catacombs downstairs, pretty normal drinks prices with a few offers on, so well worth a look-in!

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