sistercarrion (sistercarrion) wrote in merseygoths,

Hi hi!

*Pokes* Is this thing on? ;D Just thought I'd leave a note here of something going on in Lillypud this evening. I've been asked along to DJ this coming Friday here:

Umm.. well, of tonight, I'm DJing on Friday here:

Deathbed @ Le Bateau
62 Duke Street
Liverpool L1 5AA
0151 709 6508

I'll be DJing the entire night, downstairs, 11pm-3am, for my sins ;) It'd be great to see some familiar faces, in fact REALLY great. This isn't my show, and it's really last minute, but it sounds like it could be a laff. £3 on the door,and you can't say fairer than that. Goth/Industrial/Alternative and advance requests would be cool too.

(Indiecation will be running on the top floor for the curious)

Facebook event listing
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