DJ Grimly Fiendish (odddboots) wrote in merseygoths,
DJ Grimly Fiendish

Mis-Fest 19th/20th June Get Tix now! The UK's only Goth and Deathrock festival

21 days approx to this years Mis-Fest! in June 2009 [19th/20th]

There are only 250 tickets available for this years Mis-Fest so be sure to book your place in advance, not to be dissapointed.

tickets are £23.00 and are available from

We also have release parties for the following artists on the 19th June warm up party night!

The Imaginary Stigma / Another Species / Kitty in a Kasket / The Cemetary GirlZ

All current info available at

Mis-Fest the UK's only Goth/Deathrock/Horrorpunk and Psychobilly fest!

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