DJ Grimly Fiendish (odddboots) wrote in merseygoths,
DJ Grimly Fiendish

Misery Of Sound 18th July and 15th August live gig date !


Hello folks just a reminder to say our Deathrock club night 'Stereokatastrophe' is on the 18th july at the Westcoast in Blackpool so thats creeping up very soon!

Also for the 15th August we have live acts 80's Goth Post-punks form Edinburgh 'Twisted Nerve' for fans of: Burning Image/Play Dead/Ausgang ect.... + support from The Hiram Key based in London they have a sound not to discimilar to Bauhaus/Cure/Japan ect... + one more band to be added to the bill for this gig!

All current and up-coming gig info and event info can be found at
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