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Mis-Fest 20th/21st June Blackpool UK 3 DAYS to go!

3 days left until Misery Of Sound presents MIS-FEST, So DONT forget to get your tickets booked ! []

Remember that if you havent booked tickets for Mis-Fest and you still want to turn up on the day! you can either get a weekend ticket on the Friday Night at the warm up party at Westcoast Rock cafe priced at £15.00 or you can turn up on the Saturday to see all the bands! £16.00 on the door!

Misery Of Sound presents, MIS-FEST June 2008 the two day festival will be held over the 20th/21st June 08 in Blackpool just round the corner from our usual club night venue. The final line up of bands and running order is below plus a copy of th festival poster/flyer.

Doors open on the Friday night at the Westcoast cafe at 9:00pm until 2:00am. Dj's Batastrophe, Dj De'ath and Grimly Fiendish on hand playing a mis of goth/deathrock/batcave/horrorpunk/post-punk/psychobilly etc...

You can still purchase tickets for the weekend on the door. Also if you have already purchased your ticket for the weekend you can exchange it on the Friday night for your wristband to say you have paid etc......

Saturday the doors open at 4:00pm with bands starting at 5:00pm and running until approx 12:30am with a club night finishing the event off until 2:00am. You can also pay on he door on th Saturday but the price will be £16.00. Dj Cavey Nik and Grimly Fiendish playing between bands and after through the evening.

Tickets for the festival are priced at £15.00 will be available from either me directly in Blackpool or via paypal on either any of our myspace sites or from

Bands: + Stage times are: Approx !

Zombina and the Skeletones 10:55pm
Screaming Banshee Aircrew 9:55pm
Eyaculacion Post Mortem [spain] 8:55pm
Pink Hearse 8:00pm
Eternall Fall [spain] 7:15pm
UFX 6:30pm
Cemetary Girlz [france] 5:45pm
Danse of the Dead 5:00pm

All info regarding venues/maps travel to Blackpool and accomodation available from on the Mis-Fest/ or links pages pages

+ we also have these top UK Dj's confirmed for the festival playing the best in Goth/Deathrock/Batcave/Horrorpunk/Post-punk/Psychobilly. Dj Batastrophe [Darklands], Cavey Nik [Dead & Buried], Dj De'ath [Black Viel] and resident M.O.S. Dj Grimly Fiendish.

all info @
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