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May 16th Blackpool The Hyperjax/Hollywood Suicide/Razor Dog + June 20th/21st MIS-FEST !!!

Two top gigs coming up in May and June @ Misery of Sound!

May 16th at the westcoast rock club, 5-7 abingdon street, blackpool, lancs, fy1 1dg.

We have The Hyperjax + Hollywood Suicide + Razor dog + a release party for French 80's inspired Goths Jacquy Bitch with there latest album Stories from the Old Years!

June 20/21st we have Mis-Fest @ Beat just round the corner from the Westcoast club featuring 8 live bands:

Zombina/Screaming Banshee/Eyaculacion Postmortem [spain]/Pink Hearse/Eternal Fall [Spain]/UFX/Cemetary Girlz [france]/Danse Of the Dead.

Check for all current gig info!

Misery Of Sound 'keeping Blackpool Black'
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